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Service is our most important product!

We here at Aegis Computer Services firmly believe that bad customer service is generally bad for business. For us, providing good customer service is important, because good customer service will determine how long our little company can survive in this highly competitive internet business environment.

What do we mean by “good customer service”? Good customer service means that:

1. We will strive to be responsive to your needs. We promise to be courteous, we’ll try to ask the right questions, suggest only what is right for you, and not promise what we can't deliver.

2. We will strive to be timely. Timely service means we don’t mind taking an extra 5 or 10 minutes to satisfy you. It means finding ways to streamline our ordering and service delivery process and working more efficiently to your benefit.

3. We will strive to make our service accurate. Quality service through accuracy means doing precisely what you the customer needs us to do. We will pay attention to what you are telling us about what you want. We will seek to ask the right questions to find out precisely what your problems are and how our services might best solve your problems.

4. We will strive to make our service complete. Complete quality services means that when our work is finished, your problem is remedied and you are satisfied. Your needs are taken care of with the minimum amount of fuss, with courteous and empathetic service. The result? You are a very happy and grateful customer, ready to sing our praises.

Please. Shop our website. Try out the services you need.

I think you’ll find that:

Service to you is our most important product.


Ronald Ayers,  Manager


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