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Protect your computer from viruses with a PC
Tune-Up from:
Aegis Computer Services

Remote Computer Tune-Up: $19.95


Is your computer running progressively slower? Are there a lot of programs on your PC that you no longer use, taking up valuable hard drive space?

Save Gas and Time...Get Your PC Fixed Online.


Protect your computer from virus and spy ware with our PC Tune-up.


Get that older PC running like new again. An Aegis Computer Services technician can make sure your operating system is updated and running smoothly.


Our PC Tune-Up Service includes:


* Fine tuning your computer so that it will run faster.

* Virus and Spyware infections removed.

* FREE Virus and Spyware software installed that will protect your computer from infection. Only 100% safe software used.

* Monthly Maintenance package available with: $10.00 per month service agreement.

* Get live help with a PC problem.

* Chat and ask questions live.

* Service report sent to your email inbox.

* 72-hour Trouble Free Guarantee

Get your PC tuned up and in tip-top shape today. 


Satisfaction Guranteed!

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