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Get Simple Solutions from a TRUSTED Source !

Searching for the best expert to fix your computer issues online? Stop searching and start exploring! You have landed at the right place.

Aegis Computer Services takes remote computer support to a whole new level. Here we represent a revolutionary computer repair and tech support model for both home users and business users. Technology changes, but that doesn't have to be your concern; just complete a help desk ticket. Tell one of our technicians what problem you are having with your computer.

Our computer support technician will arrange a time when he can take control of your computer—with your permission by remote control. Once our technician has control of your computer he will then proceed to evaluate and repair your problem.

We take the worries and aggravation out of your computing issues so that you can enjoy a smooth access throughout. Just click on the link below to go to our help desk.

Get your PC tuned up and in tip-top shape today. 


When your fee is paid, you will be returned to this page. Then, CLICK ON THIS LINK to go to our help desk and complete a help ticket.

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Aegis Computer Services, Blue Island, IL. 60406, 708-897-0061