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Steps to Publishing

Aegis ePublishing House
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Steps to Publishing
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Steps To Publish


Before contacting us, you need to have a finished, and proof read eBook. You then need to down load our "Electronic-Book-Publishing-Request-Form.doc", fill it out and send the completed form and a copy of your eBook in a .txt doc. to us at: for assessment.


Also include a one page 'Treatment' of the eBook.


Once your work has been assessed, we will send an appropriate

contract for you to sign, before we publish your eBook.


  Remember, first impressions are King.

Click here to download Publishing Request Form file.

If you like, you can mail your ebook to us at this address:

Ronald Ayers

Aegis Publishing House

13800 S. Division Unit # 8

Blue Island, IL. 60406

Please send a copy of your eBook(s) with this form.

Aegis Publishing House,  Blue Island, Illinois 60406