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Why eBooks?

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Why eBooks?
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Why ebooks?


eBooks are the most useful medium to come along in decades. An eBook can load to your PC, Mac, or handheld, and be accessible any where you are. You can carry thousands of books with you, any where you go. eBooks are inexpensive to publish, and shipping is a click away. eBooks can be secured to open on only one Computer, or left to open by anyone.


 eBooks are magnificently exciting, for a number of reasons. You can imbed audio into the eBook, and as though you were at the book store doing a book reading by the author. Or you can use the audio to highlight chapters or paragraphs. Going a step further, you can imbed Video into your eBook, which works real nice for instructional eBooks.


For example, an eBook on plumbing can actually demonstrate sweating a copper joint with solder. An instructional eBook can demonstrate, cutting hair, building an engine, preparing a chefs' delight, etc.


I think you get the picture. eBooks are in their infancy, and only need to be explored further to gain full potentiality.


It truly is that Good.

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