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What Is Ameriplan?

Ameriplan is a national provider of medical discount plans. Ameriplan is the largest company like this in the United States. This company has been conducting business since 1992. Ameriplan offers supplemental plans for people who already have insurance; however, it is not an insurance company. Supplemental plans help those who are underinsured or have no insurance with costs.



Ameriplan has several plans to choose from. It provides customers with participating doctors and pharmacies such as vision care, chiropractic care, medical care, hearing specialists, dentists and pharmacies. Being a supplemental plan provider, Ameriplan helps with costly co-pays and helps with costs incurred from seeing the doctor.



Identical twin brothers, Dennis and Daniel Bloom, founded Ameriplan in 1992. Ameriplan started out just as a supplemental dental plan provider. There was such a demand for the dental plans that the business soon expanded. The brothers decided they were going to provide other types of supplemental health plans. Through much research and trial and error, Ameriplan has added several plans for all types of health care. The company offers hospital advocacy, telemedicine and ancillary medical services along with traditional medical care.



Ameriplan's corporate office is located in Plano, Texas. The supplemental plans offer services in 44 states. Ameriplan offers business opportunities for people in all 50 states. There are about 50,000 Independent Business Owners.



Ameriplan is not an insurance company. Many people believe it is an insurance company. Participating doctors and dentists take a discounted fee. The doctors enroll in the provider program to put the care back in their hands. Ameriplan cannot be used with Medicare or Medicaid. Medicare does not allow doctors or dentists to take a discounted fee. Ameriplan does not make payments to providers. The plan holder makes the payment of the discounted fee.



Ameriplan offers independent business opportunities. There are more than 50,000 independent business owners. Ameriplan is also a member of the BBB. With the work-at-home opportunity, you would be enrolling new members into Ameriplan. You in return must join Ameriplan. Ameriplan offers residual income. This means you profit from everyone you enroll. You would receive a percentage of their monthly enrollment fee. The company offers training and team support through conference calls and website courses.



Click on this link to learn how your can start your own home based business with Ameriplan.

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